IoTastic. The fantastic IoT engine!

How does this work?

Don’t reinvent the wheel! We already have put tremendous effort to develop an efficient, reliable and flexible IoT engine just for you. Use IoTastic API and focus on solving your core business problem by using your preferred programming tools and technologies.

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Cut IoT Development Costs

Cut IoT Development Costs

Major portion of your IoT application is already developed. Well tested, robust, flexible and reliable.

Less Time to Market

Less Time to Market

Speed up the development process through IoTastic engine and its API and reduce time to market

Focus on IoT Innovation

Focus on IoT Innovation

We developed IoTastic so that you should only be focusing on making innovative solutions than dealing with complexities of IoT world.

Collect and analyze data

Collect and analyze data

You can collect and analyze sensor data, which can be used in automating decision making through our scenario composing functionality.

Application Areas

  • Healthcare
  • Home Care
  • Institutional care
  • Hydroponics
  • Smart City
  • Gym
  • Smart Homes & Buildings
  • Smart Grid

How does the solution work?


Easy definition of citizen driven Services & Functions by use of a common interoperable  Functional Mapping (IoT Templates) of different networking devices from different and competing technologies !

Looking for a turnkey IoT solution for your business?

We in addition to IoTastic platform, provide consulting and software development services. If you are looking for a partner who can develop your complete IoT based solution, then you are at the right spot! We are just a call away!

Highlighted implementations of the IoTastic integration platform:

(IoT & Workflow engines)


Den IoTastic ™ integrasjonsplattform hadde sin første toppnivå helsetjenester søknadsportal løsning utviklet av IT & Integration AS (ITI) i samarbeid med Caretech AS (nå kjøpt av Oneco AS ). Dette ble gjort gjennom et innovasjonsprosjekt i Arena Health innovation (Vitensenteret helse og teknologi) ved Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge (USN) i Drammen Norge.
Første pilot ble installert sent i 2012 i et nybygd sameie for personer med demens i Drammen kommune i Norge, og regnes fortsatt som den mest avanserte installasjonen i Skandinavia.
(ROI på 123 dager! Førsteårsbesparelser 3,5 mill NOK => Sparing 200.000 NOK på hver beboer)

ITI har nå oppgradert deres IoTastic-system til en skybasert løsning merket som IoTastic digital Response Center portal . IoTastic integrasjonsplattform kjører nå med suksess i både offentlige og private helseinstitusjoner og hjem i Skandinavia. I en av våre største helseinstitusjoner håndterer vi mer enn 100 leiligheter med individuelle tilpassede servicescenarier som illustrert i vår IoTastic Home Care Pamplet


ITI er nå i samarbeid med Fine Forest Food AS som planlegger en IoTastic Farming-løsning tilgjengelig 4. kvartal 2021. Noen piloter er testet for overvåking og håndtering av korntørkere.

Smart Grid

Smart Grid is an electrical grid (interconnected network) that uses computers and electronic BUS-devices (nodes) to gather and act on information, such as information about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers, in an automated fashion to improve the Efficiency, Reliability, Economics, and Sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity. Crucial here is the needed two-way communication with Smart Meters AMR (Automated Meter Reading) in “open” AMS (Advanced Metering Systems) solutions in the new paradigm shift with  IoT technologies and services. ITI is now planning starting up theis VSG project and are searching potensial partners.

Holistic IoT solutions

We have delivered the total solution with infrastructure and IoT to Oslo Skytesenter and previous Health studios.

We have also developed several Apps for membership subscription that makes you able through GPS position to access IoTastic controlled environments.

Management Team


Hans A. Kielland Aanesen


Founder of IT&Integration AS (IoTastic AS) and EPR-forum (tGov) along with its e-University (eSam). Has his M.Sc. in Engineering Cybernetics (NTNU) and Business Economist (BI University, Norwegian School of Management). More than 30 years experience. Click here to see the IoTastic background history in a Prezi-presentation.

  • +47 402 911 80

Henrik Aanesen


Specialist in system integration and engineering. Act as project manager of our installers and handling our development teams both SW and HW. Educated and practiced as telecom installer and autodidact within computer science and networking. Life long experience with ambient control.

  • +47 465 05 591

Per Leif Dogger

R&D Project manager

Senior systems- and development engineer with 25 years of experience from telecom and satellite communication infrastructure for maritime, land, and airborne communication via the Inmarsat satellite network.

  • Product management, engineering, development, test and turnkey delivery projects to leading telecom operators (such as Telenor, British Telecom)
  • SW development of embedded solutions, server applications, and Smartphone/tablets

  • +47 920 13 388

Are you a startup?

Have an innovative idea and need a partner to develop MVP, or you already have tested the idea in market and now want it fully developed, then don’t go any further! We are seasoned entrepreneurs and would love to help you on your way towards success. Remember, we are just a call away!

How to get in touch with us?

  • Fornebuveien 1, 1366 Lysaker Bærum, Norway
  • +47 402 911 80